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Trailers & Repairs

We do an assortment of work on trailers that come into our shop, here are a couple examples of projects we worked on in the past. 

Welding and Fabrication


Trailer Modifications

Added some angle onto these ramps to replace the wood.


Utility Trailer Repair

Modifications to Utility Trailer; new upper railing, new tarp & roller, new ramp spring assisted, and new safety chains.

Trailer Repair

Made up new fenders and added Steel line fo electrical to run through for lights on the snowmobile trailer.


Trailer Frame

Constructed this frame for a customer. He will take an enclosed trailer and set it right on top of the frame, and bolt it down. 

He plans in a few years to turn the frame into a flat deck trailer.


Aluminum Trailer

Constructed a 6.5ft x 12ft Aluminum Trailer. The customer will be installing planks for the floor.

Repairs To Trailer Ramps

Straightened up the ramps on this trailer and added supports for extra strength.

truck 2.jpeg


Fabricated removable fenders on the rear wheels.

Trailer Repair

This trailer came in with the front end bent up where the front section beams rotted out.

Made the repair and fabricated ramps on the front.


Dump Trailer

Added some stakes to this dump trailer.

Trailer Upgrades

Three upgrades on this Aluminum enclosed trailer. Added a new A Frame tool box, adjustable jack legs for the back end, and added checkered plate to protect the inside wall of the trailer.


Paint Supply Trailer

Changed out the Aluminum Checkered Plate on the front of this trailer and put on new safety chains.

Repair & Modifications

Few repairs and modifications to this trailer for a customer. Replaced the cross members and made ramps for back of trailer.


Trailer Repairs

Lots of cracked welds repaired on this Aluminum trailer.

Axel Repair

Installed a new set of axels and springs onto this enclosed trailer.


New Jack

Installed a new jack onto this trailer for a customer.

Crossmember Repair

Repaired a crossmember on this flat deck trailer.


Crossmember Repair

Replaced a rotten crossmember beam on this flat deck.

Dump Box

New removable Dump Box for this flat deck and a set of stakes. This truck is used for hauling logs and firewood.


Frame Repair

Strengthen up the frame on this dump truck with some heavy tubing.

Major Overhaul on Tanker

Did a few changes to this trailer - changed out hanger mounts, made up new airbag mounts, various gussets, fixed cracks on some axel brackets, and made up new fifth wheel hitch for it.


Log Trailer

Fixed up a broken mount on the stabilizer leg.

Repairs to 1960 Airstream

Did a little frame work, replaced the rotten beams with heavy steal. Installed a new jack in front of the camper. New bumper fabricated for the back of the camper.


Axel Repair

Repaired a cracked axel on tractor trailer.

Trailer Repairs

Repaired the deck and frame on this trailer.


Major Repairs to Dump Box

Replaced the floor on the bins, sandblasted them to get them repainted, replaced the hydraulic lines and fabricated new Aluminum box hydraulic pump, painted the rear end components.

Aluminum Box Repairs

Few repairs & modifications to an Aluminum Box a customer brought to us to fix up.


Trailer Repairs

Replaced the web on the front section of the two main beams on this float trailer and flattened out the bent flange sections on the beams caused by the web letting go. Few repairs on front section as well.

Boom Repairs

Repaired broken bushing on this boom, installed new brass bushings, new pins, and made up a few hydraulic hoses.

mccarron trucking.jpeg
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