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Recreational Vehicle Repairs

We do a variety of modifications and repairs to customers skidoos and ATV's to get them back out on the trails.

Welding and Fabrication


Quick Fix to Sled

Cross brace on the handles broke off and we got it fixed up for the customer.

Modifications to ATV

Installed a new winch and plow to this Honda.


Winch System

Straightened out and strengthened the roller mount for the winch system on this side by side.

Fixed Radiator

Fixed up a hole in the radiator on this sled from a stud that hit it.


Aluminum Frame Repairs

Repaired the Aluminum Frame for the mounts on this sled and added extra pieces of angle to strengthen up the setup.

Frame Repair

Small Frame Repair on this sled. One side was broken off and other side had a small crack. Customer is drilling holes for the mount when putting the sled back together.


Aluminum Frame Repairs

This sled had a broken control arm mount. Quick clean up and welded back in place.

Small Repair

Small repair done on the casing for the coolant system on this sled.


Control Arm Repairs

Control Arm ripped out of frame on sled. Cut out and straightened damaged area and put in new piece of Aluminum. Customer will drill and reinstall control arm.

Sled Repair

Repairs to the tunnel on this sled.

sled kevin.jpeg
sled tyler.jpeg

Sled Repair

Repairs to the radiator on this sled.

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