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Tanks: Slip Tanks/Oil Tanks/Etc.

Whether you want a tank built, or one redone/repaired, we can do it.

Tank 2.jpeg

Fuel Cell

Aluminum Fuel Cell for a commercial fishing boat

tank 1.webp

Tank Repair

Adding some 4" bands around this fuel cell where the tank was pitted from straps.

Tank Repair

Wrapped this fuel cell up with some bands.


Tank Repair

Added 3 bands to fuel cell that was leaky. Passed pressure test.

Fuel Cell

Aluminum Gravity Fed Dual Fuel Cell.


Boiler Tank

Removed this condensate tank from the boiler house and added some handrails through the Local 73 Boilermaker Union.


Fuel Cell

Replaced the bottom section of this Aluminum fuel cell.

tank 2.webp
tank 3.webp

Coast Guard Red on a Slip Tank

Constructed of Steel and pressure tested before sending out of the shop.

Slip Tank

Constructed of Steel and pressure tested before sending out of the shop.

tank 4.webp
tank 5.webp

Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Tank

Stainless Furnace Oil Tank

tank 6.webp
tank 7.webp

VAC Tank Repair

Fuel Tank

Aluminum Fuel Tank needed patching where there were holes, we welded straps around the holes.

tank 8.webp
tank 9.webp

Modified Slip Tank

We've built a slip tank and welded a toolbox onto it for a customer, it will sit in the bed of their truck.

Oil Tank

Refurbished and built a platform to the oil tank.

tank 10.webp

How Water Tank

Custom Stainless Steel 400L Hot Water Tank. Contractor will have heat exchanger bundle installed on site.

Repairing Holding Tank

Found a leak in a holding tank. We cleaned the floor seams, did a NDT with liquid penetrant to detect numerous repairs in the welds and cracks in the shell. Cleaned them up and rewelded them. Passed the hydro test with water,

tank 1.webp
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