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Heavy Equipment Repairs

Since we opened in 2018, we have been steady repairing gear in an efficient time frame to get your equipment back in service quickly.

We also have mobile welding services as an option if you can't get the equipment to us.

heavy equip.jpeg

Logging Trailer Repair

Repaired a broken stabilizer leg off of this pulp trailer.


Repairs to Grapple

Straightened out & repaired this grapple.

Kenworth Modifications

Moved up the chain boxes and added on two Aluminum Storage boxes to this new Kenworth.


Exhaust Repair

Repaired this exhaust on this Kenworth.


Harvester Repair

Modified connection to strengthen and reduce movement in this blueberry harvester for this tractor.

Bucket Repair

Changed out the shanks and fixed a few cracks on this bucket.


Repairs to Bucket

Fixed up a few cracks on this bucket.

bucket 4.jpeg

Equipment Repair

Few cracks fixed up on this quick attachment.

bucket 3.jpeg

Repairs to Bucket

Fixed up a few cracks on this bucket to hold them over until they have time to change out the cutting edge, shanks, and teeth.

Repairs to Bucket

Added some Hardox Plate on this bucket.

bucket 2.jpeg

Repairs to Bucket

Added some Hardox Plate on this bucket.

bucket 2.jpeg
Heavy 1.webp

Repairs to Boom

Repaired broken bushing on this boom, installed new brass bushings, new pins, and made up a few hydraulic hoses.

New Bushing

Installed a new bushing on this stabilizer arm off a backhoe.

heavy 2.webp
heavy 3.webp

Axle Repairs

Repaired damaged axle on frame connection.

Harvester Head

Repairs to a harvester head.

heavy 4.webp
heavy 5.webp

Trailer Repairs

Replaced the web on the front section of the 2 main beams on this float trailer and flattened out the bent flange sections on the beams caused by the web letting go. Few repairs on the front section as well.

Crack Repairs

Repaired some major cracks and a complete break on this excavator quick connection attachment.

heavy 6.webp
heavy 7.webp

Excavator Rebuild

Rebuilt this excavator bucket for a customer. Put a new bottom, cutting edge, wear plates, shanks & teeth.


Plow parts replaced.

heavy 8.webp
heavy 9.webp


Repairs done to a plow blade.

Crack Repairs

Repaired some major cracks on this bucket.

heavy 10.webp
heavy 11.webp

New Bucket

New bucket for Walter Wilson's Tractor. Using it to pick up his firewood and not have a bucket full of gravel going with it.


Few repairs & modifications to this bucket.

heavy 12.webp
heavy 13.webp

Bucket Repairs

Replaced the bottom of this bucket and added some wear plates.

Access Door to Radiator

New access door for radiator on a CAT excavator. Customer wanted to replace the door with something stronger than what was on it.

skid .webp

Skid Steer Cab

A customer dropped off a skid steer with a rotten cab. We replaced the whole bottom section of the cab.

Window Guards

Glass guards for excavators.


Forklift Extensions

Plow Shoes

Made up a new set of plow shoes for a loader.

ramps 2.webp

Steel Ramps

Set of Steel ramps for a forklift; galvanized dipped.

Tractor Modifications

Replaced the bottom section of the frame on this attachment.


Grapple Repair

Repaired this broken grapple on a piece of forestry equipment.

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