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Tank Repair

Repaired a leak on this Aluminum hydraulic oil tank.

truck 1.jpeg


Stainless Oil Tank for a boat.

Lobster Holding Tank

Custom Aluminum Lobster Holding Tank that will hold 6 lock tech bins. We added an inlet & outlet so they can fill and drain the tank with water as needed.

holding tank.jpeg
water tank.jpeg

Fresh Water Tank

A customer wanted a new fresh water tank made for their boat. We fabricated this with Aluminum.

Fuel Cell

Stainless Fuel Cell added to a commercial fishing boat. This will be added to his fuel system along side the fuel cell that's in the boat already to increase his run time between fill ups.

fuel cell.webp
hydraulic oil tank.jpeg


Custom Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Tank.


Custom Aluminum Water Tank for a boat.

tank water.jpeg
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